Online electronics retailer compromised in data breach

An online electronics retailer announced recently that they were the victim of a data breach which lasted almost two months. 

Mohu, an online company offering an alternative to cable television by selling high definition television antennas, announced last month that there systems were hack, resulting in the exposure of credit card information belonging to about 2,500 customers. 

Mohu officials said that it discovered malicious code on their website,, and removed it the same day. A brief initial investigation revealed that customers who made purchases between June 2 and July 28 were at risk of data theft. 

"Mohu values your privacy and deeply regrets that this incident occurred," the company stated in a letter to affected customers. 

According to the letter, the data that was compromised in extensive, including names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes. Typically, only part of this information is ever compromised. That fact that all of it was exposed suggests that Mohu's security measures were initially lacking over and above the gap which resulted in the breach. 

SC Magazine repots that one Mohu customer had to cancel his credit card as, after the breach, it was sued multiple times in Europe before his issuer notified him of the activity.

Following the attack, Mohu, a division of antenna manufacturer GreenWave Scientific, implemented security measures to prevent a similar hack from occurring in the future and is conduction a full investigation into the matter.

Mohu is recommending customers continuously monitor their credit for any abnormalities and report suspicions charges to their bank.  Those affected are being offered free credit monitoring and identity protection services.

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