Over half of U.S. consumers don’t know about EMV

A new survey shows that most American consumers have no idea what an EMV card is.

The study, conducted by Shift Communications, found that 56 percent of the 5,027 people surveyed where not aware of what the new cards were. When the survey was conducted last month, 54 percent of the respondents hadn't received a new card in the mail, despite the impending Oct. 1 deadline.

When broken down into demographics, the survey found that just 20.4 percent on those ages 18 to 24 were using the new cards, far fewer than initial expectations. Shift said that this was likely due to the fact that this age group had the highest usage of new mobile payment applications on smartphones and other devices.

Another surprising fact was that use of the new cards is actually more popular outside of cities. When asked if they had used an EMV card, 76 percent of those living in rural areas answered yes, 16 percent higher than those living in urban areas.

Americans with higher incomes knew more about the new cards than others. Only 74 percent of those making $150,000 per year or more understood the new technology, compared to just 40 percent of those earning between $25,000 and $50,000.

In total, 51 percent of those surveyed felt that the new cards would make their information more secure, but that number was far higher for men, at 59 percent, and it was for women, just 41 percent.

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