P.F. Chang’s releases more information on credit card breach

Back in June, news broke that popular Asian-themed restaurant P.F. Chang's China Bistro acknowledged that it was the victim of a credit card security breach. At the time, it was disclosed that customer information was compromised, but the total scope was kept under wraps because the investigation was still in progress.

That changed this week as the company released more information about the breach. According to a statement from P.F. Chang's, over the course of eight months, 33 different locations all across the country were hit in various increments.

  • October 19, 2013 through June 11, 2014 – eight locations
  • February 21, 2014 through June 11, 2014 – eight locations
  • April 10, 2014 through June 11, 2014 – 15 locations
  • October 19, 2013 through October 26, 2013 – one location
  • October 19, 2013, through April 10, 2014 – one location

"The potentially stolen credit and debit card data includes the card number and in some cases also the cardholder's name and/or the card's expiration date," the statement reads. "However, we have not determined that any specific cardholder's credit or debit card data was stolen by the intruder."

It is believed that the security compromise has been contained and the company has switched back to a more secure POS credit card processing system. The investigation is still ongoing.

This breach, along with the other high-profile security issues that have occurred so far this year, highlight the need for companies to upgrade their card processing software. By partnering with a qualified solution provider, any organization can easily make these changes and ensure that customer information remains safe.

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