Payment processors can help transportation systems

Credit card processors have changed the expectations of consumers in all areas of their lives, and public transit, a mode of travel commonly made use of by many in communities around the world, benefits by making fare payments easy for users to make. Of course, there can be difficulties in adopting these systems, but for the most part, travelers want payment card processors to be as simplified as they can be.

A report from the firm Accenture recently examined the services that are most desired by commuters, and, unsurprisingly, found a desire for tickets they could purchase on their own—or a system that allowed them to make payments on their own devices or terms. More significantly to our concerns, 82 percent of those more than 4,500 subjects surveyed wanted self-service ticketing systems.

Though it's not uncommon to find payment terminals for public transit, this sample size represents consumers from nine different metro areas and demonstrates the strong appeal for this kind of implementation. On a more general scale, 52 percent of those polled said they would pay higher rates in order to have access to advanced technology (although this was more explicitly linked to mobile and smartphone-based behavior, card payment processors are still an important factor in ticket purchasing).

No matter what your service is, chances are your customer base will be looking for ways to use their existing credit or debit cards to accomplish fundamental tasks, like basic travel. Credit card processing offers a solution to user concerns in this area, and a way to ensure customers that they will be recognized.

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