PCI DSS standards for cloud-based credit card payments released

One of the hottest trends in the IT community is the growing use of cloud computing. The solution is slowly being adopted to handle any number of systems within different industries. While sharing documents and backing up data are obvious solutions, sectors from manufacturing to the payment industry are starting to get on board.

The credit card processing solution is an interesting marketplace for the cloud to make an appearance. When it comes to handling personal credit information, security is of the utmost importance but it is also a struggle.

Earlier this year, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council released new guidelines for how to apply PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) in the cloud. Until now, the security protocols for cloud payments were like the wild west with little standardization. However, the PCI DSS outlines some key concepts that are needed to ensure the security of cloud-based payment processing.

These guidelines include:

  • Organizations must understand their needs before transitioning
  • Responsibility for security is shared between the customer and the cloud vendor
  • Accountability and responsibility for managing various controls need to be understood
  • Compliance of all parties need to be verified and never assumed
  • Companies need to document everything, request written assurances and review the services

Finding the right credit card processing service is crucial for businesses looking to install a cloud-based payment solution. A vendor that is already well versed in PCI compliance can help ensure that every safety measure is in place and customer and company data is not vulnerable to attack.

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