Pop-up retail is creating the future of sales

The retail world finds itself in an interesting predicament, Consumers have a number of ways to be shop for products without ever stepping foot inside a physical building. Through eCommerce and mobile devices, it is possible to buy nearly everything from the comfort of your living room. However, there is an emerging trend that some are touting as the future of retail: pop-up stores.

A recent Mashable article features an interview with Angela Wang, the co-founder of Republic Spaces, a startup that helps retailers sell unused floor space to companies to use as a smaller store. This is also being seen as some traditionally online companies are creating temporary store fronts that become week long social media events before moving to a new city. This is a new way to expand the brand and help customers try out products before actually buying.

"Brands can reach new customers, sell more products, increase their brand exposure, launch new products, and test out new markets quickly and cheaply," Wang said. "The pop-up shop trend is the future of retail. It reflects a shift from the selling of goods and services to the value of experiences and transformations."

These temporary store fronts need to make sure they have the right credit card processing solution in place to operate just as a traditional storefront would. This is also a perfect opportunity to use a cloud-based payment solution, especially because of the nomadic nature of pop-up stores. It is difficult to hardwire an entire temporary business to be able to use a traditional solution, but implementing the cloud is much simpler.

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