POS hacking bundle available for $3,000 on black market

Hacking a point of sale system is something every merchant needs to be aware of. By corrupting a card reader, any criminal organization will have instant access to a customer's card information.

It is now becoming easier than ever for criminals to get their hands on the technology needed to steal credit card information from customers who swipe their card through a reader. According to a recent article from Naked Security, for the low, low price of $3,000, the bad guys can get their hands on a working bundle kit that includes a rigged card reader that transmits card information and access to hacked POS software that dumps PINs.

According to the article, this outfit was discovered by cybersecurity consulting firm Group-IB. Andrey Komarov, the head of the group, told the news source the fraud takes less than three hours. Because of this, the bundle could become a popular choice for criminals.

"It is easy to [figure] out that it is cheap, and such kind of service will have great popularity in the black market, [given that] tampered devices such as this… [are] very easy to use with the help of [insiders] in restaurants and [in the] retail sector," Komarov said.

As the cash register has advanced, so too have the ways that criminals attack them. Merchants need to make sure they are able to handle any potential threat and have a proper point of sale security system and software in place, and a payment service provider can make that possible.

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