POS security an increasingly complex solution

In the retail world, the cash register will always be the center of how organizations collect funds. It seems like a simple concept, but with how the point of sale system has evolved over the last few years, organizations can find themselves losing sight of what the cash register is nowadays, especially as interactions can happen all over the store and away from brick and mortar locations.

A recent article from Manila Standard Today examined how crafting retail security systems has changed and become more complex. Traditional store networks are no longer capable of handling the devices that are used during a transaction.

"Globally, the retail industry is among the top three industries targeted by cyber criminals," the article reads. "Due to the sheer number of merchants accepting payment cards, security breaches continue to grow. The increasing use of mobile devices, the introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) and other applications such as augmented reality, worsen the problem."

The piece goes on to say that in order to address today's complex in-store security, retailers need to examine a few specific areas. These include using credit card processing and POS connectivity and the high level of protection for wireless and wired networks.

It is important for any merchant to make sure every aspect of a POS system is secure. A strong POS software solution can be key to ensuring every transaction is handled properly and all customer and company information is kept out of the hands of criminal groups.

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