POS software security a growing concern

Having the correct point of sale security software is crucial for every organization that processes credit card information. While that is not surprising to learn, as companies expand their technology solutions, keeping up with the security and PCI compliance is increasingly difficult. This was seen in a recent survey of retail and hospitality executives conducted by McAfee and the IHL Group.

According to Tom Moore, the vice president of worldwide embedded sales at McAfee, the retail storefront has undergone a number of significant changes to deliver convenience and speed to customers. Data breaches are not new and the expanding footprints of systems like kiosks and digital signage make it increasingly difficult keep it all in check.

The study found that while organizations understand the importance of PCI compliance, they are struggling to meet it with the amount and variety of store systems in place. On top of that, only 22 percent trust the manufacturer to provide security.

"This research validates that the security concern is real and that retailers need to provide a secure experience for their customers," Moore said. "This is an opportunity for point of sale manufacturers to not only relieve the burden from retailers and solve the security challenge, but also enables manufacturers to provide a high valued product with built in security as a differentiator."

With the help of a payment solution provider, any organization can find a more effective POS software security option and ensure all data is kept safe.

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