POS systems to change in the years to come

Every retailer should be asking themselves what the future holds for payment solutions and if they are ready for it. With cloud-based options, mobile commerce and NFC technology all making headlines, picking just one of these systems to focus on can be difficult, especially since each one wants to stake a claim to helping kill the cash register.

Ken Paull, CEO of mPOS product specialist ROAM, was interviewed by PYMNTS.com about the affect the cloud will have on payment solutions. According to Paull, the cloud will help shape the future of retail POS systems instead of replacing anything.

"There's a number of things that are still going to exist," Paull said in the interview. "What we see at the device level is going to change over time. But, the things that aren't going to change are the following: security and the user-merchant experience."

He went on to say that as with any system, user interface will play a major role in the possibilities of adoption. Even though one of the major benefits of a cloud-based system is the mobility factor, merchants will want to maintain a physical POS location because that is what consumers expect.

Despite all this, the retail POS system is set to undergo changes of some form in the coming years, either in how it looks or how it acts. With the help of a payment solution provider that specializes in futuristic POS systems, any merchant can start implementing this tech and take their operations to a new level.

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