Promotional offers are made easier with versatile payment processing software

Promotional offers are a great way for businesses to gain traction with consumers and boost their company profiles. A perfect example would be the current partnership between MasterCard and the national book reseller chain Barnes & Noble.

Both organizations announced recently that from January 18th to the 21st, any customer who purchases a Nook HD or Nook HD+ using a MasterCard will also receive a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card.

These types of promotions benefit everyone involved. Customers get the product they’re looking for plus an additional $20 worth of credit at the store, Barnes & Noble gets more business and MasterCard gets its customers to use its credit cards more.

Not only is this a good way to give your sales a shot in the arm if recent numbers aren’t as good as you would like them to be, but it makes your store known for offering appealing promotional deals. Those who take advantage of such offers are likely to keep an eye out for similar opportunities at your store.

As business owners contemplate these types of strategies, it is important that they have POS payment processing software that can accommodatea range of card options, and can also easily handle the issuing and redemption of gift cards. This will allow merchants the flexibility to enter into promotional agreements with different credit card companies and banks in order to pursue strategies for specific products or ways to strengthen certain business partnerships.

So, if you find that your current POS system limits what you can do by way of promotional activities, it may be time to reevaluate and look at other options available to you.

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