Protecting yourself against fraud

Each day, the news is full of stories regarding the latest credit card and data breaches for retailers and companies around the world. Though you may be tempted to forgo using your card altogether to prevent fraud, Consumer Reports outlined a few ways you can protect yourself and still be able to use your card.

Daily Local News reports that using a digital wallet, like Apple Pay or Google Wallet, to pay for your items with your  smartphone. Though less than 5 percent of retailers accept this form of payment currently, it does add an extra layer of security where the wallet substitutes your card's information with a random set of numbers to confuse fraudsters. 

Another way to prevent fraud is try remotely control your credit card. Many banks now offer online or smartphone apps to operate their issued cards. In this way, you can limit your card to be used in only certain parts of the country or only at certain stores. Some companies have see fraud losses drop by nearly 60 percent when using this form of protective technology. 

Finally, getting a new EMV, or chip-card can protect you when using your card at retail stores. All the information is stored in a one-time coded message, so if the card is stolen, it won't be useful for the thief, or make it easy to make a counterfeit card. 

"In today's digital age, many consumers turn to the Internet for retail services that once required walking into a store," said Attorney General of West Virginia Patrick Morrisey to WOWKTV. "However, this convenience has proved to come with some drawbacks, like cyber theft."

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