Quick Chip EMV capability is a major asset for merchants

Fast transactions are a vital component of effective, positive interactions with consumers. Waiting too long once they step up to the register can discourage shoppers and make return visits – and purchases – less likely.

How can merchants ensure this vital component of the customer experience is given the right amount of attention and a high level of service is provided? For credit and debit card payments, Quick Chip EMV is a powerful new option that speeds up the process and sends patrons on their way quickly and securely.

Quick Chip enhances convenience and customer engagement

"Improved throughput is a major advantage of Quick Chip."

What is Quick Chip EMV? In terms of process, it enhances EMV-enabled card readers' ability to gather and process information from customers' cards, allowing for early removal without creating an error that forces a restart of the process. Practically, the presence of Quick Chip allows for a customer experience that's very similar to the card swipe that was ubiquitous before the EMV changeover. Just as with old card readers, shoppers insert and quickly remove their cards, not having to wait until a total amount is confirmed or the transaction is complete in all other respects.

For small businesses, especially those that see long lines and busy periods of time throughout the day, an easier and quicker approach to card reading means swifter movement of customers through your store. Visa said this improved throughput is a major advantage of Quick Chip, as is the related but distinct benefit of customers perceiving a reduced wait time. In other words, the improvement makes a positive difference for your operations and the attitude of shoppers as well.

Credit card processing software became significantly more secure with the arrival of EMV, and businesses as a whole are well on the way toward a very high level of adoption. Addressing a lingering issue from the conversion, the ease with which cards were swiped using the magnetic strip as compared to the card insertion process for EMV, means a better system for everyone involved.

Cloud 9 is proud to be Quick Chip certified, meaning we offer increased speed and a better experience for customers through the same secure and compliant EMV technology used throughout the country. To learn more about the benefits of using Quick Chip terminals in your establishment, get in touch with the experts at Cloud 9 today!

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