Reacting to EMV developments several months on

There are just a few months until October, which will signal a full year since the merchant transition to EMV cards began. In that time, there have been several comments on the pros and cons of the rollout, with some businesses struggling to set up their terminals successfully to match customer demand.

PYMNTS recently spoke to Mastercard's Senior Vice President of EMV Product Delivery, Chiro Aikat, about the results of the EMV chip-based changeover. Despite the difficulties with setting up these systems, he did mention the trend's positive growth during the past year, considering how new this is to the U.S marketplace.

"There's a lot of noise in the system," Aikat said "We as an industry sometimes need to take a step back and think about the growth rate we are seeing nine months into the liability shift for one of the most complex and largest markets to migrate, this is some great progress. We are on the right track." According to the same source, that includes an 88 percent jump in chip-card use among consumers, with 1.7 million Mastercard merchants accepting chip payments.

However, USA Today reports that just 30 percent of retailers have EMV processing hardware in place, and that the cost issues of upgrading continue to be a deterrent to smaller businesses. The recent device adoption statistics could show possible resilience or more changes that still need to occur.

Either way, merchants can look for the credit processing software that will keep data safe and system-compatible. Contact 911 Software for solutions that will enable you to keep up with expectations within the industry.

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