Retail payments a top job from 2013

Demand for retail skills would not seem to be at the top of the list of the most in-demand of the last year. After all, it is an industry that seems behind the times when it comes to the technology sector. However, nothing could be further from the truth, and the way the point of sale system has evolved is the main reason why.

Recently, LinkedIn released the top in-demand skills from 2013. The numbers were compiled when the company examined the skills and employment history of over 259 million members. It also looked at new jobs added by individuals with specific knowledge as well as what recruiting firms are searching for.

While the report was filled with skills that relate to major industry buzzwords like mobile application development and business intelligence. However, the top ten was rounded out by an unlikely entrant — retail payment and information systems.

The increase in the demand of this skill corresponds with the growing amount of technology that is on the market in this sector. This includes multiple new payment methods like e-commerce, mobile integration and NFC technology. For companies that are taking advantage of these systems, integration is the key to success.

All of this hardware needs a quality POS software solution to be successful. Doing this, however, is easier said than done. A retail solution provider that specializes in integrating payment systems can become a valuable resource when it comes to taking the cash register to the next level.

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