Retailers are putting a higher priority on technology

There are a number of different solutions on the marketplace that have businesses excited about the future. Everything from mobile devices to predictive sales analytics to beacons that track employee and custom movements show that the digital age is upon us. While there is some exciting potential for the future, a new study found that company decision makers are focusing on more widespread priorities.

Recently, one retail technology firm surveyed 640 independent business owners to find out what are the main tech solutions that companies are looking to deploy in order to improve overall operations. While many different solutions were cited in the report, the top three were unsurprising — inventory management and reporting, mobile devices and e-commerce. These systems were considered "immediate impact."

Some 95 percent of  companies that have deployed these tools have already seen a positive impact on sales figures. When it comes to mobile devices, the number of merchants using tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices for checking out shoppers is expected to increase a whopping 170 percent in t​he coming years.

"Retailers are sending a clear message when it comes to technology: they want solutions that enhance efficiency and improve the customer experience, all things that can help them make more money right away," said Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of LightSpeed. "Tools that help retailers sell smarter and better, like mobile checkout, mobile inventory lookup, and integrated e-commerce, are on the rise, because they generate tangible results virtually the minute they get deployed."

Upgrading point of sale card processing software and any number of additional retail technologies is a growing priority for many businesses. A retail solution provider can help any organization improve their overall operations with the latest technology.

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