Retailers still slow to adopt EMV technology

The Target security breach from last winter is still front and center in the minds of many retailers. It has highlighted the need for improved security when it comes to credit card processing and customer data.

According to a recent article from Bloomberg, one of the biggest pushes has been to speed up the adoption of improved credit card technology like EMV "chip and PIN." MasterCard and Visa have laid out deadlines of October 2015 for retailers to deploy the technology and avoid running into the liability shift.

This technology is considered to be a more secure way of making a credit transaction. This is because it is harder to copy account numbers and security codes from the chip that is used to transfer data as part of EMV than it is from the magnetic strip.

The problem with this is that many retailers are falling behind when it comes to actually deploying the technology.

The article featured comments from a spokesperson from Merchant Warehouse, which handles transaction processing for 80,000 U.S. merchants. They predict that only about 60 percent of its clients' locations will have implemented the technology by the deadline. To make matters worse, it is believed that more that half of all U.S. merchants will miss the cutoff.

The landscape of credit card processing software is going to change once EMV technology picks up. Organizations are going to need to make sure that they are able to handle processing chip cards just as they currently are with magnetic strips right now.

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