Russia will work alongside U.S. to counter cyber data dangers

As part of the ongoing effort to combat the dangers posed by hackers and other online criminals, the United States has agreed to collaborate with Russia in order to stem threats to the infrastructure of both countries. With denial of service and other types of malicious attacks still a threat to credit card processors and other payment technologies, the combined effort appears to focus on exchanging important data concerning various threats and the necessary means to address them. 

The Office of the Press Secretary has posted a "fact sheet" illustrating the specifics of what this relationship is intended to accomplish. A big part of this effort appears to involve ensuring security in communications between both countries and their agencies, with a "hotline" set to be established in case of emergencies. While this will include maintaining the Nuclear Risk Reduction Center and other areas of high importance, the release also describes a more general focus on keeping both parties informed and linking emergency systems in each country.

Fortifying information and communications technologies (abbreviated as ICT) in both cases seems to be a top priority, as well as more broad-ranging issues that could also affect frequently-seen systems like POS credit card processing.

"Taken together, [these measures] represent important progress by our two nations to build confidence and strengthen our relations in cyberspace; expand our shared understanding of threats appearing to emanate from each other's territory; and prevent unnecessary escalation of ICT security incidents," the statement reads.

Though this statement does not detail a specific timeline for these kinds of implementations, merchants can start working to identify possible weaknesses in their POS credit card processors and consider transitioning to new software to stay current and protected.   

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