Self-Serve POS Software Integrations

Enterprise Level Payment Processing Gateway

Quick and Easy Payment Processing for Self-Service Point of Sale

Integrate your payment module in less than a day!

The trend for Self-Serve POS started in Asia and quickly spread to the rest of the world under the pressure of COVID-19 safety requirements. 

Cloud 9 Payment Gateway offers the following functional benefits, combined with native Enterprise Architecture and Metrics.

  • Level 2 & Level 3
  • Tip, Adjust, Verify, Partial Auth
  • Terminal Capture
  • Tokenization
  • Encryption
  • Hierarchical Control 
  • Advanced Filtering 
  • Human Centric
  • Next Gen Front End
  • Popular CreditLine UX 
  • Multi-Business Service 
  • Chain/Franchise
  • Multi-Region
  • Exhaustive Data Visibility
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