Slow growth for D.C. cab credit card processors

As the saga of allowing for the processing credit card payment for taxis in the D.C. area continues, it seems that installations are being made, slowly. Though the deadline for implementation is not set to kick in until August, Washington City Paper contributor Sarah Kaplan writes that the impact is still yet to be felt. 

The decision to make these processing systems mandatory for area cabs has been known since May, but the amount of changes to be implemented (and providers to choose from) seem to have made the process more complicated. New guidelines have reportedly called for other related changes, like a raise in fare and an onboard GPS.

The D.C. Taxicab Commission previously described the purpose of this effort as being both to make payments easier for customers and to allow for processing of data as part of its institution of its Modern Taximeter System.

According to Kaplan's piece, approximately 36.5 percent of the taxis in operation in the area currently have processing equipment enabled. Drivers are predicted to gain as much as 4 percent in total revenue once the system has been put in place.

While starting a new credit card processing program can open up doors and entice new users, it can also take time for the results to be felt, especially if companies are unsure of how to proceed. Forming a great relationship with an established processor company can make these new changes so much easier, and can lead to better understanding of how these functions can integrate with other systems. 

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