Small businesses still vulnerable of cyber attacks

It is easy for small businesses to believe their company is not the target of cyber criminals. After all, why would hackers focus on a small, local operation when there are plenty of larger companies that have more information that could be vulnerable. However, this can be the thinking of a fool. 

A recent article from Biztech examined the dangers that come along with running any business in the current age of technology and connectivity. With more merchants offering online services, they are opening themselves up to the possibilities of random malware and targeted attacks because of a weak network.

"A few years ago, most attacks were random and indiscriminate, with no purpose other than to cause damage," the article reads. "Today's attacks are typically targeted at particular organizations, with equally specific motives — to extract as much money or data as possible — and small businesses are increasingly in the crosshairs."

The piece continues to cite Symantec's 2013 Internet Threat Report, which found nearly 33 percent of malware attacks targeted businesses with less than 250 employees in 2012.

Aaron Messing, an attorney, told the news source that one of the biggest misconceptions a small business can have is believing it is too small to be noticed by cyber criminals. These organizations handle sensitive information like credit card data and that's what the criminal element is looking for.

Because of this, merchants need to make sure their credit card processing solutions are secure at all times.

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