SMBs lack execution of security protocols

No merchant should be surprised to hear that point of sale security and PCI compliance are key to their success. This can be seen in the ongoing story of Target and the breach that is affecting an estimated 110 million customers that had payment card and personal information compromised. For retailers, this is the wakeup call to evaluate the security protocols that are currently in place.

If numbers from a new study are to be believed, an increase in retail security could be long overdue. An article from Help Net Security compiled several studies of small and midsized retailers and found a serious lack of security standards are in place.

A study from Fortinet  that surveyed 100 small and midsized businesses (SMBs) with less than 1,000 employees revealed that a majority of respondents are aware of the importance of keeping up with the complex nature of proper security. However, 22 percent of retailers are not PCI DSS compliant and an additional 14 percent are unaware if they are.

It gets worse when state regulations are brought into the fray. More than half of all respondents (55 percent) do not know what their state's security breach requirements are. On top of that, 40 percent lack a policy that takes these regulations into account.

With the help of a retail solution provider that understands the importance of PCI compliance and payment processing software, organizations can start taking steps toward ensuring that every aspect of the retail process is secure from any kind of attack.

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