Some resource-efficient POS tips to make the best of a cultural moment

Stores that make judicious use of POS credit card processing have nothing to fear from the onrush of electronic transactions: they may just need to make the most of available resources, including apps and websites that can tilt things in their favor. A LinkedIn article by investor Reid Hoffman outlines ways in which different types software can support businesses uncertain of the future of retail while still providing the expected amount of convenience to customers.

For example, some apps for mobile devices exist that can allow store owners to offer discounts and otherwise connect with consumers in a way they might not, driving them to travel to a physical location. This could be particularly true of restaurants, cafes and other eateries who provide specific services unavailable to online browsers.

More food for thought comes courtesy of Erik Eliason, who wrote in the Huffington Post recently about a different strategy that retailers could take to adjust to an always-on world. It doesn't mean the elimination of brick-and-mortar locations: quite the opposite. However, store owners can think of shorter leases or other techniques that allow them to approach a different demographic and perhaps mitigate the risk encountered by stores planning on more permanence.

In any case, a retail business can coordinate their plans with a reliable provider of payment processing software to ensure that they make the most cost-efficient decisions without ignoring the preferences of their customers. Because so many different options exist for planning business growth, Eliason says "it's an exciting time" to use the best aspects of both on and offline transactions, and there's a lot there for owners to consider that could lead to a higher rate of success.  

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