Some Walmart stores to block Visa payments in Canada

Differing policies can lead to hard situations for retail staff. Maintaining a functioning POS system may seem challenging if certain restrictions get in the way. Some Canadian Walmart locations are experiencing this, according to the CBC. The source spoke to the head of Walmart Canada, Alex Robertson, who argued that the card payment rates at their stores have been too severe.

"The issue is that credit card fees are too high in Canada," Robertson said. "We believe Visa's fees should be lower for everyone, whether they are a large retailer, small retailer or a charity." 

This dispute may have made headlines, but it's not realistic for every store and can put operators in a difficult position. The ban is expected to affect hundreds of locations in that country, although it currently only applies to three in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

In its response statement, quoted by CNN Money, Visa noted that 5,200 other stores in the area allow for their card payments. Walmart's actions come as a sort of protest against what it sees as unreasonably high fees, especially compared to those in other countries.

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