Stronger online attacks could be on the way, expert says

This year alone, authorities have seen cybercriminals make off with large sums of money and violate the security of major organizations—and according to one expert, these kinds of attacks could get worse in coming years. Employers of credit card payment processors may want to make sure that upcoming advancements in technology don't leave your business unprotected. 

Art Coviello is the chairman of an information security company called RSA, and he recently told Bank Info Security that the changes coming to interconnected electronic systems may make it easier for attackers to target large systems. His concern centers largely around the so-called "internet of things,"IPv6, a future internet update that will induct "hundreds of millions" of devices into cyberspace, leaving the potential for abuse.

Even though some sources allege that this conversion is happening very slowly, Coviello asserts that the stage could be set for a devastating cyber-action sooner than later.

"In the next three to five years, when you have all of these control systems connected to the Internet, and as literally hundreds of millions of devices get deployed, you're going to have an attack surface that's just unbelievably large," he said in his interview.

This could increase the need for tighter policing of payment card processors as more information is shared through different sources. As these developments unfold, whether or not they match Coviello's predictions, enabling secure system communications can only be achieved by keeping up-to-date on the latest industry advancements and by understanding the breadth of different threats to both user and company payment information.

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