Study: Online merchants seek alternative to credit cards because of security concerns

It is no surprise that credit card security is major concern for any merchant. With the growing number of ways criminals can obtain this data, making sure it is safe from every angle becomes a major component for success.

Recently, the National Small Business Association (NSBA) published the results of a survey of 845 small business owners. The goal of the report was to examine the feelings of merchants toward credit card payments. An interesting trend emerged that found online merchants who would seem to rely on plastic payments are looking for something else.

According to the numbers, 69 percent of respondents accept credit and debit card payments on their websites. That number is down from 91 percent that did in 2010. Instead, many organizations are starting to move toward alternative payment options like PayPal because the believe it is more secure. That system has seen an increase of 25 percent over that same time frame, topping out at 47 percent.

"The shift in online payments is likely due in part to increasing worries about cyber security as well as costs and lack of transparency when it comes to swipe fees," NSBA Chair David Ickert and NSBA Chief Executive Officer Todd McCracken wrote in a statement accompanying the study.

In the end, the security for all of these systems falls back on having secure POS software in place that can keep customer and company information safe from any attacks. Credit card processing is still a cornerstone of the payment industry and merchants need to make sure it is safe.

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