Study shows best and worst areas for small businesses

Establishing a Point of Sale credit card processing system can be a key part of sustaining a growing enterprise, but there are other factors more strongly connected to the greater economic environment that can contribute to success as a whole. Using a variety of different criteria and data culled from different national sources, CardHub recently released its 2013 ranking of 30 major American cities based on the areas that were the best places for small business employees. The results had Denver at the top, with Detroit listed in last place. 

Some of the different factors considered by the study involved the possibility for small businesses to grow in these certain cities in the future, such as the variety of different companies present and the net amount of expansion seen in small area businesses. And it resulted in some interesting contrasts: Los Angeles may have been outside of the top ten, for example, but still reportedly had some of the highest variety, along with St. Louis and Kansas City. 

Different categories were given different "weights," before calculating the full ranking. Boston and Minneapolis both followed immediately after Denver, with the latter of those two allegedly seeing a high level of businesses with fewer than 50 workers in the area. 

Smaller companies can exceed the seeming limitations of their size by devoting their resources to properly processing credit card payment. Ultimately the employees of small businesses, after all, are better served when those companies that fall into that category see more revenue. To better ensure this, a store can look for POS card processing software and devices that can lead to a healthier situation for businesses overall.

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