Study shows credit card fraud state by state

Without being too alarmed, merchants may still have to rethink their credit card payment software choices with security in mind. A new study from Value Penguin appears to show credit card fraud on the rise for 2016, and business customers can use this as a launching point to rethink their own systems even if they have yet to see any fraud activity themselves.

The source specifically compiled fraud rates for each state throughout the country as of last year. According to this rank, California reported more than 12,800 cases, the highest of any state compared to the 69,954 fraud reports noted nationwide. However, Florida beat California in terms of events per capita, with 42.54 fraud complaints for every 100,000 residents.

Based on these statistics, 2015 is notable for showing a 41 percent jump in the number of complaints over the previous year. Despite this, the Value Penguin study also predicted a shift toward more online fraud with the growing use of chip-enabled EMV cards.

Preventing fraud at the point of sale can be part of a growing move toward compliance with industry standards. A point of sale news piece from earlier this month said that 80 percent of Mastercard's American customer base uses credit cards with chips. Mastercard also claimed that credit card fraud at its "top 5 EMV-enabled merchants" has dropped by more than 60 percent.

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