Stylized credit cards offer incentive for customers to use card payment processors

Once a merchant finishes installing credit card payment processing software in their local POS system, they can expect to see a whole variety of different types of cards, many of which speak to the habits and lifestyles of the users. Operators of certain businesses can keep an eye out for cards that might be tailor made for the specific business or service they provide, either in terms of the perks they offer, or the design of the card themselves.

For example, operators of comic book or other media stores might be able to identify eager customers through the use of a new kind of prepaid card that boasts scenes from the popular graphic novel series, "The Walking Dead" (also a well-known television drama on AMC). Readers of this blog may be reminded of the similar tactic adopted by a different prepaid card provider who recently used Justin Bieber's star power in its ad campaign.

Designs include the familiar series motifs of fearsome zombie faces and desolate streets, as well as well-known characters from the series like Rick Grimes and the katana-wielding Michonne. is offering these Visa cards, and the shaded images on them seem specifically engineered to appeal to fans. Those who turn to this is a form of payment may soon make appearances at the POS processors of stores in relevant industries.

Whatever the actual success of this campaign, businesses can use awareness of it the way they can use awareness of all industry trends: as a means of identifying consumers, and perhaps getting ready to see more card activity, which is always a positive thing.

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