Support for Windows XP ending in April

For many businesses and Windows users across the world, April 8 is inching closer. This date is important because it is when Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to Windows XP. While it seems like updates to a 13-year old computer operating system shouldn't be news, it is because according to an article from USA Today, there are roughly 400 million PCs still running it.

This doesn't mean it is running on your main computer system, but could be powering something else like a cash register system or ATM. An article from Reuters discovered that 2.2 million cash machines are using the soon-to​-be outdated software. To make matters worse, one of the biggest ATM makers NCR told the news source that only 33 percent of them will be upgraded by the deadline.

Now you may be asking what the big deal is. Won't cyber criminals be wasting their time trying to crack the latest system? Not necessarily. An article from PCWorld this week found that XP users are already being attacked more than other users.

"The vulnerable OS will be an easy target for hackers and be seen as a gateway to infect other non-XP operating systems," Avast COO Ondrej Vlcek told the news source. "Our telemetry data shows that XP users are 6 times more likely to get attacked than Windows 7 users and once Microsoft stops issuing patches, this can worsen."

Every company needs to make sure its computer systems have been updated. For retailers, this is also the perfect time to examine other solutions that are related to technology like payment processing software.

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