Suspicious credit card use prompts Wendy’s investigation

Major fast food chain Wendy's is looking into possibly fraudulent credit card charges at its locations, according to Reuters. Although the chain, which operates 6,500 locations across the country, is reacting to activity that happened on cards after they were used for Wendy's purchases, the news does highlight Wendy's as a possible security hazard for customers using cards there.

As of this writing, there are many details as yet undisclosed. It's unknown exactly how many individual restaurants are affected by this breach, or their precise locations. Krebs on Security notes that the reports of breaches range from the Midwest to the East Coast. 

That source also quotes Bob Bertini, a Wendy's representative who said that the breaches took place sometime "late last year." The company first became aware of this issue on January 27, and will work with a cybersecurity company to learn more about the possibly criminal activity.

Writing for PaymentWeek, Steven Anderson said that there's still hope for Wendy's, depending on how bad the breach turns out to be and how they respond to it.

"Word is out, so those potentially affected know to start watching credit card statements particularly closely for the next few months, and make plans accordingly," Anderson said. "There may not even be much of a problem, if at all; the credit cards discussed could have been breached some other way."

Strong POS card processing will give businesses more reliability at the check out counter, making it all the easier to function when breaches are a threat. As this case shows, the impact of a credit card problem could extend beyond the payment system a company uses and include other instances of suspicious activity.

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