Take a varied approach to POS checkout, or be left behind

Merchants need to stay aware of future trends to continue meeting customer needs. An article for PYMNTS.com recently focused on the necessity of incorporating multiple payment trends into a legacy credit card processor. According to this source, there's a disconnect between the way businesses handle new transaction preferences online and in a physical store.

Though we've talked a lot about the need to move towards an EMV, chip-based card system, there are other patterns to remember. A customer could remember a difficult checkout and take it as a mark against the store itself. The article argued instead for an approach that puts the customer first by anticipating what payment methods they will use and expect.

"The lack of synergy between broader solutions and standard payments can detract significantly from the customer experience, and many providers are developing technologies intended to fuse these puzzle pieces together," the PYMNTS story stated. In contrast, it noted that many online services incorporate elements as disparate as QR codes and gift cards, among others.

Despite slow adoption in many stores, the amount of merchants implementing chip-ready POS systems may be improving. According to a March 31 press release from MasterCard, 1.2 million merchants have enabled chip card usage since the mandate.

The past six months have also seen the number of chip-enhanced credit cards for consumers jump by 51 percent. This statement also reported that chips could appear in 98 percent of payment cards by the end of next year, as the Payments Security Task Force have predicted. Right now, only 67 percent of MasterCard's credit cards are chip-enabled. Even so, the company says that "progress has been made" on this front.

Transitioning to EMV acceptance could be just the first step for companies that need new card processors. Contact 911 Software for more details about easy transition.

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