The benefits of using the cloud as a security function for your data

The cloud has brought new possibilities to the business world, and it just might be time to consider how it could help your company. Here are some reasons it might be the right fit for you: 

  • Back ups: Hosting your data on the cloud means that it's safe from being accidentally lost. If your files are stored in a computer or in a file folder, all your records could potentially be destroyed by flooding or stolen by an intruder. It's a much safer option to keep your data backed up on the cloud. Recovering customer information can be a costly and lengthy process that could erode consumer trust and loyalty in your business. 
  • Cost effective: The cloud saves retailers a great deal of money by operating systems efficiently and minimizing labor costs that would otherwise be astronomical. 
  • Customers appreciate it: Nowadays, consumers have a large say in what kind of businesses they hire and what types of technology they trust. Younger generations are especially comfortable with the cloud and are coming to expect it as a sign of a company's modern attitude and range of services. 
  • It will be everywhere: Business leaders are unanimously embracing cloud technology, so it's best to get on board sooner rather than later. Eventually, retail operations everywhere will be reliant on the cloud, and you don't want to be the last one to join the movement.

"Nobody should oppose the cloud," summarizes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. "In the end the customer's really going to make a decision…based upon financial cost. And cloud computing has shown a lot of ways that it lowers cost, in terms of total resources that have to be applied to guarantee all the jobs will get done."

If your business isn't using a cloud-based credit processing software, it's time to make the change and update to a newer and more efficient system. 

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