The cloud changes how business operates

The cloud is becoming more and more prevalent with each passing day, as businesses begin to realize the full potential of the technology. 

Over the weekend, Vodacom conducted a meeting in Nigeria to outline future plans for cloud expansion. Nigeria is currently behind other nations in cloud adoption, with only a third of businesses utilizing the technology. 

During the meeting, IT experts outlined the benefits of cloud computing and how those advantages could translate to increased revenue. For example, one of the most exciting features the cloud offers is the ability for managers to access their company's data from any device, at any time. The platform also allows for the full integration of data from multiple stores and business locations, giving retailers a depth of knowledge that was previously unknown. 

The cloud also gives retailers a measure of security by providing an automatic backup of company data. Physical software can be damaged and lost, whereas the digital storage of the cloud will not be compromised by theft or flooding, for example.

The cloud is also a cost-effective means of storing data, because it becomes unnecessary for a business to hire a full in-house IT team to maintain fickle software. 

"Everything about cloud technology is exciting," said Guy Currier of Dell Global Cloud Solutions Marketing to online tech magazine Tech Page One. "The particular development areas today of integration and management are very interesting because they kind of form the binding that helps stitch together all the technology-based work processes of an organization, which means that an organization's initiatives can really be based in a lot of ways on whatever management or integration scheme is being used."

If you're a business owner, it's definitely time that you look into a cloud-based point of sale credit card processing solution. It will keep your data accessible and safe and help your company stay on the forefront of innovation.

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