The danger of company-wide customer information breaches

The obfuscated cyber underworld, home to hooded hackers and future Sean Parkers, made itself visible months ago with the highly public and humiliating hack Target experienced in which 40 million customers had their credit/debit card information stolen. This has since incited massive distrust in Target's cyber security practices.

Target is not alone in its vulnerability, for years hacks have plagued other businesses big and small. More recently in a similar security breach, the 1.9 billion dollar Southern chicken sandwich chain, Chick-fil-A recently fell victim to hackers. According to Engadget, "a major credit card company alerted backs about a breach…a list of 9,000 credit cards, with only Chick-fil-A as the common point of purchase." Even more recently, the national grocery chain Natural Grocers experienced a breach early this March. Although, the company does not believe any customer information was stolen, the food-store chain is investing in a higher security PCI system. 

It is not always clear when a breach occurs. The stealth exhibited by these hackers is unprecedented. These hacks occur slowly precipitately over a period of time. The breach at Target lasted longer than 12 days.  Chains such as Target are facing extensive blame, having disabled its anti-malware tools, "ignoring 12 days worth of breach alerts." Push back from large creditors has manifested in large lawsuits having also lost consumer faith in the ordeal. 

Novel methods of protection have arisen in the face of this unique cyber security crises. One of note, known as Final, is a numberless credit/debit card that instead of being hackable and revealing all of that consumer's information, will have a separate virtual number for every purchase and/or vendor limiting the knowledge hackers have after a single purchase. 

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