The Internet of Things is changing Retail POS

Smarter point of sale card processing will help businesses match other new technological developments. One of the most discussed IT trends in recent years has been the Internet of Things, the concept in which many different devices all connect together and are brought online. Since this has big implications for tech that's not usually considered part of the cloud, retail systems also stand to benefit from this movement.

Chain Store Age recently touched on the possible benefits of this ongoing revolution. Behind the scenes, automation can obviously benefit supply chains, inventory and stocking actions. On the consumer side, the IOT has the chance to support what the source calls "frictionless retail."

That refers to a shopping experience where customers have fewer frustrations. One of the examples given involves providing shoppers specific services that suit them based on their own experience. As always, using data correctly and efficiently is key.

It's also important to see the link between digital offerings and real-life shopping. While mobile apps seem to be separate from brick-and-mortar stores, the two are not incompatible. In fact, a growth in mobile options could force companies to strengthen their own POS offerings to be ready for future consumers. Updating older software can be a start to stay within PCI security standards and ready to do business in the modern shopping landscape.

Use 911 Software's CreditLine solutions to meet your customer's needs no matter where your business is located. Because CreditLine can integrate with pre-existing systems, it's easy to add compliant functions and be ready for cardholder transactions and expectations.

When running at its best, the POS can help tie different aspects of a retail business together. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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