The National Retail Federation hosts 2015 conference

The National Retail Federation (NRF) recently held their annual conference in New York City, and industry experts from all over gathered to discuss the future of retail. Much of what was up for debate, unsurprisingly, was how best to secure retail sales systems from cyber-attacks and point of sale malware.

Here are some of the topics that were trending at the conference:

  • BYOD: More and more stores are adopting the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon, since using mobile devices at work increases efficiency and productivity. However, this also creates security issues for retailers who have to figure out ways of monitoring the devices.
  • In-store WiFi: The top tech trends discussed were in-store WiFi as well as PCI compliance and security.
  • National standard: Retailers at the conference talked about the possibility of developing one security standard through the federal government, which would make compliance much easier to understand.
  • Predictive analytics: Today's retailers are increasingly concerned with their ability to track customer information and behavior without compromising their customers' private information.
  • Tokenization: Some industry experts were discussing the possibility of using tokenization as a way to protect from any losses related to a data breach. "If you tokenize what you own," Jim Giantomenico, vice president and CIO of Avenue Stores, told Tech Page One, "even if you get breached, then it gets retrieved, and the person that acquired it will not have any market for it because it doesn't serve any value."

If your business is concerned with its data management or security system, try upgrading your credit processing software to a system that is fully integrated with your e-commerce solution and also manages your complete inventory selection.

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