The right card processing software can help your small business increase sales this holiday

Nothing says small town Americana like the Fourth of July. It's a time for family and friends to get together, barbeque, go to the beach, see their local parade and maybe catch a firework show by the end of the night. There's always a strong sense of community on the Fourth, and it's an opportunity for local small businesses to capitalize on this.

Whether you're a food or drink vendor selling at the beach of the park or if you're painting patriotic images on kids' faces or selling miniature American flags, chances are you'll be around a lot of people and have plenty of chances to make some money for your business this weekend. There's something about setting up your tent at a local festival or public celebration that inspires people to support your small business during times like the Fourth of July.

And while there's always a feeling of nostalgia during this time of year, we are in 2014 and merchants who set themselves up in this manner have to be mindful of the best ways to conduct business, particularly in non-traditional settings without the resources found in a standard brick-and-mortar. Businesses with the right card processing software can set themselves up to handle any and all transactions that come their way. With a mobile solution they can improve the efficiency of their checkout process, which only leads to more revenue opportunities. 

This should be another great Fourth of July, and if you are prepared you'll find that the holiday truly helps your business. Working with a credit card payment software provider can ensure you are equipped with the solutions you need going forward.

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