The use of cloud infrastructure in retail could boom in 2014

With cloud computing, businesses are able to access and share information in real-time, back-up data instantly and provide a solid platform to improve remote worker capabilities. With these features and more, it is easy to see why organizations are jumping on the cloud bandwagon.

In a recent article from GMA News, DataOne Asia president CEO Cyril Rocke spoke about the influence of cloud computing. One of his most interesting points is that while the business landscape has started embracing the platform, many more sectors will make the leap in 2014. Leading the charge will be banking, logistics and retail.

"I'm not saying that all the companies will go for it, but we see from a lot of different industries the demand and acceptance for cloud," Rocke told the news source.

In the retail landscape, a cloud-based solution offers several different benefits. Due to the nature of sales and customer satisfaction, network security and speed of computing infrastructure are key because you need to scale or increase your capacity quickly on demand. There is no telling when a sales rush will come because of a must have new product or success of a specific promotion.

On top of that, a virtual infrastructure makes it possible to add mobile cash registers to your sales floor and more easily sync up reporting numbers from across multiple locations.

Aside from the growing comfort level with the cloud, there are more solution providers setting up shop that cater to these specific marketplaces. For retailers, there are a number of service providers that can help implement a cloud-based POS system and credit card processing solution.

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