Three million Michael’s customers hit in POS breach

While the Target hack has been one of the most talked about credit card breaches in history it is far from the only one that is affecting millions of customers.

This week Michaels stores, one of the largest arts and crafts chains in the U.S., acknowledged in a press release that it was the victim of a security breach that was first rumored in January. It stated that the credit and debit card accounts of nearly 3 million customers were compromised.

This issue stemmed from a malware attack. The malicious software was one that security firms had not encountered yet, but has since been identified and contained. However, it affected payment card information including card numbers and expiration dates but not personal data or PINs.

"In an era where very sophisticated and determined criminals have proven capable of successfully attacking a wide range of computer networks, we must all increase our level of vigilance," Michaels CEO Chuck Rubin said in the release. "Michaels is committed to working with all appropriate parties to improve the security of payment card transactions for all consumers."

This is one of the largest cyber security breaches to hit any retailer, though it is still well behind the 40 million customers that were affected by the target breach.

This highlights the importance for every company to improve its credit card payment processing systems. With the help of an experienced payment solution provider, any merchant can deploy the right card processing software and start taking steps to protect itself and its customer's data from cyber criminals.

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