Top retail tips for the omni-channel marketplace

It seems like the retail environment is changing every day, and it can be hard to keep up with the trends. Here are some tips to help you stay current.

Brief your employees. Keep your employees informed of the latest promotional initiatives and of any changes in inventory.Teaching them to order items online for in-store customers can also enhance the buyer's feeling of a streamlined shopping process.

Make your return policies simple. Customers want a fluid transition experience between shopping online and in-store. Making it easy and quick to enter a brick-and-mortar location to return items bought online can make all the difference in overall consumer satisfaction. 

Pay attention to Millenials. This is important because the Millenial generation is forming the shopping culture of the future. These individuals have grown up with the benefit of the latest technology, so an omni-channel and technologically advanced retail experience is what they expect and demand. They also heavily influence members of other generations, so it is crucial to keep in touch with their evolving needs.

Personalize information. The most effective way to increase revenue and make lifetime customers is to provide a personalized experience. For instance, keep track of all your transactions and change your inventory based on sales patterns. You may also want to suggest certain products to a customer who has shown interest in similar items in the past. These efforts make consumers feel valued by your business. 

Refresh your brick-and-mortar store. In-store shopping is still very much alive, but with the continuing growth of e-commerce it is important that retailers maintain their storefronts and displays to give customers the best experience possible.

Lastly, make sure your point of sale credit card processing software is reliable and up-to-date, with inventory tracking, full multi-platform integration and cloud-computing capabilities. 

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