Transparent credit processing software saves merchants hassle

The closer a business can get to a simple credit card processing fee structure, the better. By purchasing the solution with the simplest pricing plan, businesses have a clearer route to accepting cards, with no sneaky additional charges to worry about. As professor Larry Myler writes in a piece for Forbes, this is a serious concern for the industry, with the least complicated pricing plan more trustworthy than one that insists on "bundles."

Myler notes that this model, while sometimes offering different "tiers" of services, with the true cost of the processor hidden away from the buyer. This can lead to confusion when it comes time to purchase the solution, with the merchant paying unnecessary extra fees.

"Every entrepreneur starts a business feeling pretty confident," Myler concludes by saying. "It doesn't take long running a business to realize how much there is to learn. The key to choosing a credit card processor is the same as any business transaction: transparency. If a credit card processor offers only bundled pricing, keep looking until you find one that has nothing to hide."

Fortunately, 911 makes payments simple. Buyers only need to pay a single licensing fee, as out site says, and don't have to worry about extra surcharges. What's more, there are support services included with this product, and our clients get the chance to choose the processor that best suits them.

We have a 99 percent customer retention rate built on our superior service, and security features in addition to our other credit card payment advantages. Our software is also nearly entirely functional without a license, and a sales specialist can help you should you need to purchase one.

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