Using credit card processing software to accept tips

The use of credit card processing software can extend to multiple areas that might benefit the sales industry. In addition to a stronger means of accepting payments for purchases, this technology can be applied to other methods that could see a customer's credit card providing more to a location, specifically when it comes to their staff. The DipJar reportedly allows for cardholders to tip from their credit cards, rather than having to scramble for change, and this could be a boon to businesses looking to fully accommodate the paying habits of their customers.

The device is designed to charge exactly one dollar per swipe (or "dip") when a card is inserted into it, setting a standard rate for a transaction that was once unpredictable. The concept comes from Judd and Ryder Kessler, brothers who started by putting these processors in small venues in New York. An alleged benefit to this service is its ability to electronically distribute the payments to employees equally. In a piece on FastCompany, Ryder Kessler emphasized the simplicity of this system as a chief attraction.

"People are more likely to give when it's made as easy as possible, and when a clear norm is articulated," he said. "So the biggest design decision was to eliminate any buttons or screens, and to pre-set the amount."

Other users of POS credit card processing can take those simple elements as guidelines in their own setups, even if they don't pursue this kind of technology specifically. Taking efforts to ensure the efficacy of payment can be as simple as utilizing trusted, vetted processor equipment and knowing the best means of operating them.  

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