Using credit processing software with foreign currency conversions

A recent article by Christopher Elliott of Tribune Media Services warns consumers against the ways that the practice of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) might force them to pay more fees. This process, through which merchants can charge foreign customers for converting purchases to that person's native form of payment, can be misleading to customers, especially those that do not speak the merchant's native language. This is another reason why it's important for store owners to firmly communicate the rules surrounding their point of sale credit card processing systems.

Elliott compares this to the more standard way in which foreign payments have been made in the past without any input from the consumer. The danger for them lies in being unaware of the additional price they might pay, which could be higher than they expected. To avoid any misconceptions, merchants can endeavor to make the conversion rules more available to consumers, especially those using Mastercard or Visa, since those are the most effected.

To this effect, the article quotes Visa representative Sarah Pew as encouraging honesty about currency change rates, saying that the customer paying by card must be properly informed of their options. 

"Visa requires retailers to disclose currency conversion rates plus any associated fees and ensure that cardholders are offered a choice to accept the DCC services," she said. 

Recognizing fairness protocols when it comes to credit card payment processing can be better observed when a merchant fully understands all aspects of the payment equation, including the means by which all interacting parties operate, themselves. Such vigilance can increase the amount of business a merchant sees in the long run as neglected parties find more value with them. 

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