Using the Point of Sale as a display location

Ideally, your business will want to see heavy traffic at its point of sale, but this could be a double-edged sword. Without an efficient card processing software installed, handling an overflow of clients could be difficult. Make this work, though, and you also have the opportunity to encourage sales right there at the cash register. A Business2Community article by Brian Morris examined some of the strategies point of sale displays use for better customer engagement.

Some of the elements Morris recommends include images of the product, coupons for discounts or additional products that all go together. However, interactive screens can also keep the buyer interested, especially so close to the end of their visit.

"Put a screen on top of your point-of-sale display to play a commercial for your products, give more information, and to attract attention," Morris said. "Or, make it an interactive touch screen that takes customers through a brief quiz that reveals which product on your display best fits their lifestyles."

At the same time, it's important to start with a high-quality POS system and then build out from there. Oracle's 2014 guide on POS advises beginning with the essentials and planning to add supplemental features, like digital media, later. Before implementation, companies can anticipate what the full modernization will need and budget appropriately, knowing which elements will be more important later on. The source also emphasizes the importance of proper support.

By using 911 Software's products, businesses can rely on excellent support that helps them achieve better performance. Our high customer retention rating shows how seriously we invest in supporting clients, and our flexibility allows us to handle different onboarding projects with the tactics each one requires. With a credit card processing program fit for the terminal, companies have a better match between hardware and software. 

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