Wading through the credit card processing landscape

Merchants are at a crossroads when it comes to rolling out payment solutions. Business owners need to decide between going cash only, trying a mobile option, implementing a credit card processing system or all of the above.

A recent BusinessNewsDaily article features an interview with Phil Hinke, a credit card processing expert. He said that business owners need to understand how the credit card processing industry operates, which can be tricky.

"Ford and GM produce and market their product, but if you want to buy a car, you have to go to a dealership," Hinke told the news source. "The same is true with Visa and MasterCard. They market their products, but if you want credit card processing as a merchant, you need to go to a merchant account provider."

He went on to offer advice that every merchant should consider when they decide it is time to upgrade or implement a new credit card processing option. The first thing every business owner needs to do is prepare themselves prior to buying. This can include being familiar with what the industry, processing fees and the difference between types of cards.

The second is the need to negotiate. Most contracts are not set in stone, so business owners should not be afraid to haggle and get the best deal. Finally, merchants should be comfortable enough for follow-up conversations if there are questions or problems.

By partnering with an experienced credit card processing provider, any merchant can rest easier when it comes to implementing a new payment solution.

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