Washington credit card skimmer ringleader caught

Authorities in SeaTac, Washington caught the leader of a credit card skimming operation that targeting thousands of people in airport parking lots.

Yassin Hulbale allegedly paid off two airport parking lot attendants to deploy skimmers in their lots. King 5 News in Washington reports that between November of 2013 and April of 2014, more than 17,000 credit card numbers were compromised.

After customer's reported activity to the police, the King County Sheriff's Department contacted the owner of Doug Fox Parking, where one of the attendants worked. Almost immediately, the owner and local officials caught the employee through security camera footage installing the skimming devices on the premises.

That led to the arrest of the employees, who were paid cash by Hulbale for turning over the credit card information on the skimmers each night. 

"We've taken measures to increase security as well as changing our protocols to audit our cashiers more frequently and efficiently, Oscar Garcia, a manger at Shuttle Park 2, where the Hulbale's other operative worked, told King 5. Doug Fox Parking has also increased security by increasing customer visibility of the point of sale area, allowing them to keep their card in sight at all times.

Both employees were immediately fired by their respective employers.

Local police caught Hulbale on surveillance video at nearby stores buying high-vale gift cards. Investigators estimate that he is responsible for over $600,000 in fraudulent charges, according to King 5. 

You might want to zoom out a little bit. So far you've given a lot of details about this one criminal situation but it feels more like a police log than an industry blog. Generally you want to give a thumbnail sketch of a news peg like this and use most of your words to glean a lesson or insight about the industry from it, give advice, or otherwise represent the company. I think this should be okay to send as is but for future reference, you might not want to get so insular. 

With chip and pin cards on the horizon, thieves using credit card skimmers are become more active, as the new technology will render those illegal devices obsolete. 

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