Wendy’s updates list of locations potentially affected by data breach

Franchise restaurants' points of sale continue to be possible danger zones for credit card fraud, even those already dealing with the issue. Wendy's has had credit card data issues in the past and recently released information on the locations that may have been affected. The new numbers show 1,025 impacted locations across the country.

As Krebs on Security noted, this represents a significant jump from the initial estimates, which were merely in the hundreds. The breach reportedly stems from a compromised service provider the franchise was working with at the time. To address the problem, the company has posted a list of the known affected locations, as well as information on different identity theft resources per each state.

In a statement posted on the Wendy's site, CEO and President Todd Penegor said the company will offer free consultation to help impacted customers for a year. The malware involved in this case reportedly targeted cardholder names and verification values, as well as card numbers and service codes.

"In a world where malicious cyberattacks have unfortunately become all too common for merchants, we are committed to doing what is necessary to protect our customers," Penegor said. "We will continue to work diligently with our investigative team to apply what we have learned from these incidents and further strengthen our data security measures. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and support."

Although customers may feel like this additional information is totally new, it actually stems from the company's final investigation report, after updates in May 11.

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