What are your credit card users concerned about?

If you have strong credit processing software, your business may feel prepared for shopper-intensive seasons. However, there are specific reasons consumers might decide to use their credit cards for their own benefit. Once you take a closer look, you may realize that your current POS system isn't actually PCI compliant or the right method for your customer base.

For example: Are you expecting travelers from other countries at your in-store locations? Wise Bread recently featured an article on the best methods for using credit cards during travel, and businesses that pay attention to them could know something about how their clientele are likely to spend. Some of these recommendations include credit, not debit, and avoid cards that carry fees for foreign transactions.

Another trend to be aware of is the way EMV cards are used around the world. While Americans may criticize this form of payment, it has been more normalized in other countries. Last year, ZDNet noted that the U.S. shifted to embrace this format relatively late compared to other nations, such as European countries and Australia.

Finally, security continues to be a major concern. Even the advances of the EMV card movement haven't removed all of the possible hazards. Engadget recently reported on a possible way hackers could obtain cash by illegally siphoning consumer data to an ATM from a terminal after either "shimming" or "skimming" the card in question.

One of CreditLine's key features is its focus on security. It both meets Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council requirements and uses tokens to avoid information storage hazards. CreditLine can be efficient in the long run as well, by reducing unnecessary charges and fees. Contact 911 Software to learn more about the advantages of this program.

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