What’s more important: sales or innovation?

Any brick-and-mortar store or shop worth their salt undoubtedly knows the powers of deals and sales to lure in the consumer.  It's a vital part of the store-shopping vocabulary and the store managing system and has been a part of commerce for much of the modern memory.

However, a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article quoted the CEO of major clothing company Gap as pondering what some retailers might consider an unthinkable question: what if sales aren't enough? What else can a business do to prove that they're worthy of a customer's dollar?

Gap's Glenn Murphy uses a word that can apply to the type of payment experience you endeavor to create in your retail setting: innovation.

"Are we disappointed in the consumer sentiment or have we—I'm just being honest—as an industry not been that innovative in order to give the consumers a value proposition that doesn't look like wallpaper day in, day out?" he recently said in response to the legging rate of success recent sales have seen. 

It's something of a daring question to ask now in the prelude to the most notoriously tedious and exhausting shopping event in modern American culture. But operators that make a strong use of card processing software can help provide something that isn't found elsewhere and adds value to your business.

With a fast and accessible point of sale credit card processing system at your command, you might be able to present yourself as the answer to a weary shopper's problems, with a focus on real service as opposed to simple gimmicky sales events.

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